Diecast Chrysler 300 $20
Coa is from denverautographs
4 Willow Tree figurines, good condition. 1 bird MIA on the "happiness" figurine
Denver Broncos Santa Clause
Elrond is the Lord of Imladris, also called Rivendell. This is an Action Figure of Elrond. Missing his equipment. This is yours for $10
This is one of the bad guys in the Lord called Gollum. He is yours for $10
This is one of the good guys, Gumili, the sturdy dwarf in the Lord of the Rings. $10 cash
Two buttons and iron on patch
The vase simple, square, contemporary base rises to an art deco inspired top; made in Germany for Mikasa. Dimensions for the vase is 5.5?W 4.0?D 11.75?H. Also included in this set is a matching pair of Mikasa made in Germany candle holder. I am offering this for $40 cash
Pre wwii bamboo soup spoons. Real silver.
Ringwraith Lord Of The Rings Action Figure. 6 inches tall. It is yours for $10
New in Box. The Walking Dead- Negan 10 tall McFarlane.
For sale treebeard Lord of the Rings action figure. Yours for 15 cash
Are you looking for a beautiful vintage crystal silver plated decanter for wine, liquor or water? This crystal decanter was made in Italy in the 1950 s by Leonard of Italy. It has the sticker on the side by Leonard of Japan. This decanter is in excellent condition and would be a perfect addition to any crystal collection. I am offering this for $25. (I accept cash only please)
Rare Vintage Golden Knight Deluxe (Toiletries For Men) Shave Lotion Bottle in original box. Cool silver metallic color bottle with a horse head screw-on cap. Bottle feels like glass. Horse head is metal. 5.5" in height. 4 fl oz size. Bottle is empty. But if you open it you can still smell the product that was inside. Other markings are Ansehl, SDA MO. 649, St. Louis. It's in good vintage condit...
The is a gently used Cave troll from the Lord of The Rings. It is yours for $15
15 pieces from 1976.
Pink and gold
I have had this painting for a very long time. It came from Vienna Austria. What bakes this painting unique is that the artist painted over live flowers with oil. The picture is in good condition; however, the frame could be repainted or changed. Measures 16 x14 .
The defenders issue number 120 of October 1983-40$ Dracula issue number 1 from 1992-30$ The defenders issue number 142 of April 1982-30$ Thor issue number 341 of March 1983-30 The Punishers Issue number 2 of August 1987-60$
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